Drums- Learn to keep time within various tempo styles. Stay in the groove unnoticed, or give the song some of your “splash”! Gain the skills necessary to advance on your own. Instructor travels to your location! You must own or have access to your own drum kit w/sticks (minimum 5-pc required: kick, snare, high hat, one medium tom, one crash cymbal). Optimum starter kit: all the above, plus one floor tom, 2nd med tomtom, 2nd (ride) cymbal. Sheet music NOT used.

Piano/Keys- Gain the ability to learn & play popular songs by ear, or create your own originals! Student needs to own or have access to a keyboard with a minimum 61 keys (for their homework/practice). 

Bass Guitar-Gain an understanding of the instrument, and an ability to play basic patterns & walks. Usually within a few short months, student can begin to advance on his own. Student needs to own or have access to their own Bass guitar (for their homework/practice).

Twigg Productions


Twigg Productions is currently offering tutoring in the displayed disciplines.


Some music theory will be required/given within each discipline, but the emphasis will be on performance/application! All music used in the lessons will be family-appropriate. There is a one-time $10. evaluation performed, at which time we assess your musical history, current abilities, & academic needs. Progress reports are issued every 6-8 weeks, as well as a certificate of achievement (if earned). All lessons (except drums) are taught at our eastside location (Richmond Hts), or at your location for an add’l fee.


To set up an evaluation, or for more information, contact Melvin at

Phone: (216) 313-7649


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