3D Video Projection on a bldg in Cleveland 
by Eye of Solomon Productions;
music produced & orchestrated by
Twigg Productions (c) 2013

Music recreated, arranged, & produced by
Twigg Productions    (c)2012
[Live school theme song courtesy of Shaw High Marching Band, East Cleveland-OH.]


Jingle composed & produced by
Twigg Productions  (c)2011

Here, we produced all of the original background music & narration, and most of the sound effects as well. (c)2012

Score & narration by Twigg Productions
(c) 2010

Twigg Productions

Music Production

We are proud to produce music for corporate businesses as well as for government and the public sector, as demonstrated by the samples on this page. We can take your original music from an idea in your head to a high quality, mono or stereo, instrumental recording, in any format you need (mp3, CD, wav, etc).  

   [this is an original scratch vocal demo, followed by the music created for it w/scratch vocal] 


Enhance your company’s public image, or add style to your broadcast commercial and product branding with the help of an original jingle or music bed from us. 

   [branding jingle]


The right segue music can give a comedic scene its “punch” or underscore a dramatic theatrical moment.     

    [sample segue] 
   [radio music bed] 


We can RECREATE those hard-to-find instrumental performance tracks of your sing-a-long favorites.  AND we're available for voice-over work also!
  [sample voice-over]

Contact Twigg Productions for your music creation needs: melvin@twiggproductions.com

or call us at (216) 313-7649!

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