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ConcertMaster Services

Our Concertmastersm Services help give a well-organized touch to the concert or special event you’re producing. Besides coordinating the elements of your affair, our associates can emcee the production, provide personal assistance to your performer(s) and/or special guest(s), as well as run errands for YOU -- the event promoter! Our competent, professional staff can attend to everything from pre-event preparations & planning to the ending wrap-up.  Call for a quote today!


Complete Event Package Quotes available!

Services to the Promoter

Coordinate & Call the concert/event: 

    aCheck-in performer(s) upon arrival at venue

    b) Assist with sound-check timeliness

    c) Coordinate the step-by-step flow/use of audio/lighting/

        personnel to get performer(s) on/off stage in a smooth & timely


Additional Packages

1) The Artist's Assistant:    [per 3hr. increments or portion thereof]
    a) Setup the Green Room(s) 
    b) Familiarize performer(s) wth the venue site
    c) On-site liaison between performer, coordinator, & promoter
    d) Escort performer(s) to/from stage
    e) Assist with backstage traffic control (as non-security personnel)
    f) On-site Gofer services

2) The Promoter's Assistant:
    a) Purchase & set-up food/supplies for the Green Room(s)
    b) Off-site 
Gofer services  (negotiable restrictions apply)

3) Pre-Event Assistance:
    Support & advice concerning pre-planning and organization of the

    event lineup/order of program, the budget, & other pre-event


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